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Results42 Records matching o* in Class Map Data

Oat, AxM Doubled Haploid, 2008Oat, OxTOat-2013-SNP-HxZOat-2016-DxEOat-2017-CORE-Pc
Oat, CxIOat, X434-II x C237-89Oat-2013-SNP-KxOOat-2016-HxZOat-2018-Consensus
Oat, D486 x LangOat, X466-I x C237-89Oat-2013-SNP-OxPOat-2016-IL4 
Oat, D494 x LangOat, Y345 x C237-89Oat-2013-SNP-OxTOat-2016-IL5 
Oat, D526 x LangOat-2000-KxM-BglOat-2013-SNP-PxGOat-2016-KxO 
Oat, KxOOat-2000-KxO-BglOat-2013-SNP-SxHOat-2016-OxP 
Oat, KxO, 2003Oat-2001-KxMOat-2016-AxMOat-2016-OxT 
Oat, KxO, AFLPOat-2004-P39xP48Oat-2016-BxGOat-2016-PxB 
Oat, KxO/QTLOat-2004-P48xP38Oat-2016-ConsensusOat-2016-PxG 
Oat, MxN, genetic 2005Oat-2004-TxMOat-2016-CORE-BYDVOat-2016-SxH