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Wheat-2018-NAM3-Berkut-x-PI283147Wheat_2014_i9K_Ug99_PIxLMPGWheat_AB, Mohawk x Cocorit69  
Wheat-2018-NAM30-Berkut-x-PI278297Wheat_2014_SSR_Ug99_PIxLMPGWheat_AB, Simeto x Levante  
Wheat-2018-NAM4-Berkut-x-PI366716Wheat_2017_LRCWheat_AB, Simeto x Molise Colli  
Wheat-2018-NAM5-Berkut-x-PI382150Wheat_AB, Ben x PI41025Wheat_AB, Svevo x Ciccio  
Wheat-2018-NAM6-Berkut-x-PI470817Wheat_AB, Colosseo x LloydWheat_AB, Svevo x Zavitan  
Wheat-2018-NAM7-Berkut-x-PI565213Wheat_AB, Kofa x SvevoWheat_AB, W9292-260D3 x Kofa  
Wheat-2018-NAM8-Berkut-x-PBW343Wheat_AB, Kofa x UC1113Wheat_AB_2015_Consensus  
Wheat-2018-NAM9-Berkut-x-VidaWheat_AB, Langdon x G18-16Wheat_Consensus_2014_Ug99_Rust  
Wheat.Rye recombinantWheat_AB, Latino x MG5323   
Wheat_2014_90KSNPWheat_AB, Meridiano x Claudio