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Barley, FxS, FHB QTLBarley, IxF, Stein2006Barley, Nure x TremoisBarley, physicalBarley, SxM, Feed QTLs
Barley, GxHBarley, IxTBarley, OPA 2009, ConsensusBarley, Pilot OPA1, ConsensusBarley, SxM, Stein2006
Barley, GxHN, SFNBBarley, IxT/QTLBarley, OPA 2011, ConsensusBarley, PxNBarley, TxB
Barley, HN x H602, Sato2009Barley, KxMBarley, OPA123-2008, ConsensusBarley, Rika/Kombar NTNB, 6HBarley, TxE
Barley, HxM/QTLBarley, L94 x Vada, 2006Barley, OWBBarley, SFNB QTL 2017Barley, USDA Core, 2014 Consensus
Barley, HxTBarley, Lina x H.spont, SNPBarley, OWB, 2004Barley, Steptoe x Morex, SNPBarley, Vada x SusPtrit
Barley, HxT basemapBarley, Lx41Barley, OWB, 2005Barley, Steptoe x Morex, SSAPBarley, VGxA
Barley, Igri x Franka, SSRBarley, LxHsBarley, OWB, OPA2008Barley, Steptoe x Morex, SSRBarley, VGxTP
Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009Barley, LxVBarley, OWB, SNPBarley, SxMBarley, VxHs
Barley, IxFBarley, MxGBarley, OWB, Stein2006Barley, SxM basemapBarley, Wise