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Use an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard. For example, AA*1a will find Aadh-A1a (Triticum) and Aadh-B1a (Triticum). If you do not use any wild cards, they will be added to the beginning and end of the search text automatically for strings longer than a single character. Searching for a1a will automatically search for *a1a*.
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Ltn (Triticum)lys3 (Hordeum)   
Ltp1 (Hordeum)Lys4 (Hordeum)   
Ltp1-5Hlys5 (Hordeum)   
lys (Hordeum)lys6 (Hordeum)   
lys1 (Hordeum)lzd (Hordeum)   
lys2 (Hordeum)L`c` (Hordeum)