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Use an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard. For example, AA*1a will find Aadh-A1a (Triticum) and Aadh-B1a (Triticum). If you do not use any wild cards, they will be added to the beginning and end of the search text automatically for strings longer than a single character. Searching for a1a will automatically search for *a1a*.
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Results187 Records matching m* in Class Polymorphism

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me5em5dMWG11 DraIMWG2025 XbaIMWG30 HindIIIMWG632 EcoRI
me5em6aMWG11 EcoRIMWG22 DraIMWG30 XbaIMWG632 EcoRV
me5em6cMWG11 EcoRVMWG22 EcoRIMWG52 DraIMWG632 HindIII
me5em8aMWG11 HindIIIMWG22 EcoRVMWG52 EcoRIMWG632 XbaI
me5em8bMWG11 XbaIMWG22 HindIIIMWG52 EcoRVMWG645 BglII
me5em8cMWG14 DraIMWG22 XbaIMWG52 HindIIIMWG645 EcoRI
me5em9bMWG14 EcoRIMWG27 EcoRIMWG52 XbaIMWG660 HindIII
me5em9cMWG14 EcoRVMWG30 DraIMWG546 DraIMWG67 DraI
me5em9dMWG14 HindIIIMWG30 EcoRIMWG632 BamHIMWG67 EcoRI
me5em9eMWG14 XbaIMWG30 EcoRVMWG632 DraIMWG67 EcoRV