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Use an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard. For example, AA*1a will find Aadh-A1a (Triticum) and Aadh-B1a (Triticum). If you do not use any wild cards, they will be added to the beginning and end of the search text automatically for strings longer than a single character. Searching for a1a will automatically search for *a1a*.
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Results187 Records matching m* in Class Polymorphism

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MWG67 XbaIMWG69 EcoRVMWG710 XbaIMWG837 XbaI 
MWG676 EcoRIMWG69 HindIIIMWG733 DraIMWG844 EcoRI 
MWG68 EcoRIMWG69 XbaIMWG758 DraIMWG865 EcoRI 
MWG68 EcoRVMWG693 XbaIMWG758 EcoRIMWG938 EcoRI 
MWG68 HindIIIMWG696 EcoRIMWG758 EcoRVMWG961 XbaI 
MWG68 XbaIMWG706 EcoRVMWG758 HindIIIMWG975 DraI 
MWG681 EcoRIMWG710 DraIMWG758 XbaI  
MWG688 XbaIMWG710 EcoRIMWG802 HindIII  
MWG69 DraIMWG710 EcoRVMWG818 DraI