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Use an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard. For example, AA*1a will find Aadh-A1a (Triticum) and Aadh-B1a (Triticum). If you do not use any wild cards, they will be added to the beginning and end of the search text automatically for strings longer than a single character. Searching for a1a will automatically search for *a1a*.
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Results533 Records matching b* in Class Polymorphism

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B1 StoffelBCD1030 EcoRIBCD1051 HindIIIBCD1087 EcoRIBCD110 EcoRI
B10 StoffelBCD1030 EcoRVBCD1066 DraIBCD1088 DraIBCD110 EcoRV
B11 StoffelBCD1030 HindIIIBCD1066 EcoRIBCD1088 EcoRIBCD1102 DraI
B13 StoffelBCD1030 XbaIBCD1066 EcoRVBCD1088 EcoRVBCD1102 EcoRI
B15 StoffelBCD1049 DraIBCD1066 HindIIIBCD1088 HindIIIBCD1102 EcoRV
B2 StoffelBCD1049 EcoRIBCD1072 DraIBCD1088 XbaIBCD1103 DraI
B20 StoffelBCD1049 EcoRVBCD1072 EcoRIBCD1095 DraIBCD1103 EcoRI
B5 StoffelBCD1051 DraIBCD1072 EcoRVBCD1095 EcoRIBCD1103 EcoRV
B8 StoffelBCD1051 EcoRIBCD1072 HindIIIBCD1095 EcoRVBCD1103 HindIII
BCD102 EcoRIBCD1051 EcoRVBCD1072 XbaIBCD110 DraIBCD1108 DraI