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Use an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard. For example, AA*1a will find Aadh-A1a (Triticum) and Aadh-B1a (Triticum). If you do not use any wild cards, they will be added to the beginning and end of the search text automatically for strings longer than a single character. Searching for a1a will automatically search for *a1a*.
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WG110 DraIWG241 EcoRVWG420 XbaIWG686 XbaIWMS102
WG110 EcoRIWG282 EcoRIWG466 DraIWG719 DraIWMS106
WG110 EcoRVWG341 EcoRVWG514 DraIWG719 HindIIIWMS107
WG110 HindIIIWG380 EcoRIWG514 EcoRIWG811 DraIWMS108
WG110 XbaIWG380 EcoRVWG514 EcoRVWG834 EcoRIWMS11
WG177 DraIWG380 HindIIIWG514 XbaIWG889 XbaIWMS111
WG177 EcoRIWG380 XbaIWG583 EcoRVWG909 HindIIIWMS112
WG177 EcoRVWG420 EcoRIWG605 EcoRIWG996 DraIWMS113
WG177 HindIIIWG420 EcoRVWG622 EcoRVWHS179 EcoRIWMS114
WG180 EcoRVWG420 HindIIIWG645 DraIWMS10WMS120