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Results3099 Records in Class Polymorphism

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A10 StoffelABC156 EcoRIABC172 XbaIABC176 XbaIABG452 BglII
A12 AmpliTaqABC156 EcoRVABC174 DraIABC322 EcoRIABG460 EcoRV
A12 StoffelABC156 HindIIIABC174 EcoRIABC455 DraIABG471 XbaI
A14 StoffelABC156 XbaIABC174 EcoRVABC455 EcoRIABG484 DraI
A15 StoffelABC158 EcoRIABC174 HindIIIABC455 EcoRVABG484 EcoRI
A19 StoffelABC164 EcoRIABC174 XbaIABC455 HindIIIABG484 EcoRV
A5 StoffelABC172 DraIABC176 DraIABC455 XbaIABG484 HindIII
A7 StoffelABC172 EcoRIABC176 EcoRIABG366 DraIABG484 XbaI
A8 StoffelABC172 EcoRVABC176 EcoRVABG373 EcoRIACCase1
ABC156 DraIABC172 HindIIIABC176 HindIIIABG373 HindIIIACCase2