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AA(h+/m)-4HBYDV, KxO-15-bBYDV, KxO-2BYDV, KxO-24-aBYDV, KxO-34
AA(h+/m)-5HBYDV, KxO-16BYDV, KxO-20BYDV, KxO-24-bBYDV, KxO-36
BYDV, KxO-1BYDV, KxO-17-aBYDV, KxO-21BYDV, KxO-25BYDV, KxO-37-a
BYDV, KxO-10BYDV, KxO-17-bBYDV, KxO-22-aBYDV, KxO-26BYDV, KxO-37-b
BYDV, KxO-11BYDV, KxO-17-cBYDV, KxO-22-bBYDV, KxO-3BYDV, KxO-37-c
BYDV, KxO-13-aBYDV, KxO-17-dBYDV, KxO-22-cBYDV, KxO-30BYDV, KxO-37-d
BYDV, KxO-13-bBYDV, KxO-17-eBYDV, KxO-23-aBYDV, KxO-33-aBYDV, KxO-4
BYDV, KxO-14-aBYDV, KxO-17-fBYDV, KxO-23-bBYDV, KxO-33-bBYDV, KxO-5
BYDV, KxO-14-bBYDV, KxO-17-gBYDV, KxO-23-cBYDV, KxO-33-cBYDV, KxO-6-a
BYDV, KxO-15-aBYDV, KxO-17-hBYDV, KxO-23-dBYDV, KxO-33-dBYDV, KxO-6-b

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