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HD(h/m)-1H.1Height, KxO-13-aHeight, KxO-17-cHeight, KxO-20-aHeight, KxO-22-d
HD(h/m)-1H.2Height, KxO-13-bHeight, KxO-17-dHeight, KxO-20-bHeight, KxO-22-e
HD(h/m)-2HHeight, KxO-14Height, KxO-17-eHeight, KxO-20-cHeight, KxO-22-f
HD(h/m)-3HHeight, KxO-15Height, KxO-17-fHeight, KxO-20-dHeight, KxO-22-g
HD(h/m)-5HHeight, KxO-16-aHeight, KxO-17-gHeight, KxO-20-eHeight, KxO-23-a
HD(h/m)-7HHeight, KxO-16-bHeight, KxO-17-hHeight, KxO-21-aHeight, KxO-23-b
Height, KxO-11-aHeight, KxO-16-cHeight, KxO-17-iHeight, KxO-21-bHeight, KxO-23-c
Height, KxO-11-bHeight, KxO-16-dHeight, KxO-17-jHeight, KxO-22-aHeight, KxO-23-d
Height, KxO-12-aHeight, KxO-17-aHeight, KxO-17-kHeight, KxO-22-bHeight, KxO-23-e
Height, KxO-12-bHeight, KxO-17-bHeight, KxO-18Height, KxO-22-cHeight, KxO-23-f