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Aegilops ventricosaAgropyron cristatumAgropyron repens (L.) P. Beauv.Alternaria alternata (Fr.:Fr.) Keissl.Anaphothrips obscurus
Aegilops ventricosa TauschAgropyron elongatumAgropyron sachalinense HondaAlternaria fasciculata (Cooke & Ellis) L. Jones & GroutAnaphothrips obscurus (Mull.)
Aeolothrips fasciatusAgropyron elongatum (Host) P. Beauv. subsp. ruthenicum BeldieAgropyron trichophorumAlternaria spp.Angiopoma campanulata Lev.
Aeolothrips fasciatus (L.)Agropyron elongatum subsp. ruthenicum BeldieAgropyron trichophorum (Link) RichterAlternaria tenuis NeesAnguillulina radicicola (Grf.) Gdy.
aff. Drechslera MT0008Agropyron intermediumAgrotis orthogoniaAlternaria triticinaAnguillulina tritici Gerv. & Bened.
Ag. elongatumAgropyron intermedium (Host) P. Beauv.Agrotis orthogonia MorrisonAlternaria triticina L.Anguina tritici
Agriotes lineatusAgropyron junceum (L.) P. Beauv.Agrotis spp.Alternaria triticina Pras. & Prab.Anguina tritici (Steinb.) Chit.
Agriotes lineatus (Linnaeus)Agropyron mongolicumAlaus oculatusAmblyopyrum muticumAnguina tritici (Steinbuch) Chitwood
Agropyron caesium J. & K. Presl.Agropyron puberulumAlaus oculatus (Linnaeus)Anabrus simplexAnthoxanthum giganteum Walter
Agropyron caespitosum auct. non C. KochAgropyron repensAlternaria alternataAnabrus simplex HaldemanApamea amputatrix