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Psathyrostachys rupestrisPseudomonas atrofaciens (McCull.) F. L. StevensPseudomonas syringae pv. coronafaciensPseudoroegneria libanoticaPuccinia coronata var. avenae
Psathyrostachys rupestris subsp. daghestanicaPseudomonas avenaePseudomonas syringae pv. coronafaciens (Elliott) Young et al.Pseudoroegneria pertenuisPuccinia glumarum Eriks. & E. Henn.
Psathyrostachys rupestris subsp. rupestrisPseudomonas avenae Manns.Pseudomonas syringae pv. striafaciensPseudoroegneria spicataPuccinia graminis
Psathyrostachys stoloniformisPseudomonas orientalisPseudomonas syringae pv. striafaciens (Elliott) Young et al.Pseudoroegneria stipifoliaPuccinia graminis f. sp. avenae
Pseudaletia unipunctaPseudomonas sp. W1-21Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringaePseudoroegneria strigosaPuccinia graminis f. sp. secalis
Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth)Pseudomonas sp. W3-4Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae van HallPseudoroegneria strigosa subsp. aegilopoidesPuccinia graminis f. sp. secalis Eriks. & E. Henn.
Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoidesPseudomonas sp. W4-5Pseudomonas tabaciPuccinia anomala Rostr.Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici
Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides (Fron) DeightonPseudomonas sp. W4-7Pseudomonas tabaci L.Puccinia coronataPuccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eriks. & E. Henn.
Pseudodiscosia avenae R. Sprague & A. G. JohnsonPseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciensPseudoroegneria deweyiPuccinia coronata Corda var. avenae W. P. Fraser & LedinghamPuccinia graminis f.sp. tritici
Pseudomonas atrofaciensPseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens (McCulloch) Young et alPseudoroegneria elytrigioidesPuccinia coronata f. sp. avenaePuccinia graminis Pers. f. sp. tritici Eriks. & E.Henn.