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Results42 Records matching o* in Class Species

Oat dwarf virusoat root associated fungus 00011Ophiobolus graminis var. avenaeOscinella carbonaria (Lw.)Oulema melanopus
Oat golden stripe virusoat root associated fungus 00045Ophiobolus graminis var. avenae L.Oscinella fritOulema melanopus (Linnaeus)
Oat proliferation phytoplasmaoat root associated fungus 00047Ophiobolus sativus Ito & KuribayashiOscinella frit (Linnaeus) 
oat root associated basidiomycete 00012Oat sterile dwarf virusOryza brachyanthaOscinella frit var. nitidissima 
oat root associated basidiomycete 00026Oebalus spp.Oryza longistaminataOscinella frit var. nitidissima L. 
oat root associated euascomycete 0001Oligonychus pratensisOryza longistaminata A. Chev. & Roehr.Oscinella soro 
oat root associated euascomycete 00015Oligonychus pratensis (Banks)Oryza sativaOscinella soro (Macq.) 
oat root associated euascomycete 00028Olpidium brassicaeOryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)Oulema lichenis 
oat root associated euascomycete 00036Olpidium brassicae (Woronin) P. A. Dang.Oryza sativa L.Oulema lichenis L. 
oat root associated euascomycete 0006Ophiobolus graminis (Sacc.) Sacc. in Roum. & Sacc.Oscinella carbonariaOulema melanopa