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Saccharum arundinaceum Retz.Saccharum officinarum/spontaneum/robustumSchizaphis spp.Sclerotium rolfsiiSecale cereale subsp. cereale
Saccharum barberiSaccharum robustumSclerophthora macrosporaSclerotium rolfsii Sacc.Secale cereale subsp. dighoricum
Saccharum bengalense Retz.Saccharum sinenseSclerophthora macrospora (Sacc.) Thirumalachar, C. G. Shaw & NarasimhanScoliocotrichum graminis FuckelSecale cereale subsp. rigidum
Saccharum brevibarbe (Michx.) Pers. var. contortum (Elliott) R. D. WebsterSaccharum spontaneumSclerophthora macrospora (Sacc.) Thirumalachar, C. G. Shaw, & NarasimhanSecale africanum StapfSecale cereale subsp. segetale
Saccharum contortumSaccharum spontaneum L.Scleropthora macrosporaSecale anatolicum Boiss.Secale cereale subsp. tetraploidum
Saccharum eduliSaccharum spp.Sclerospora macrospora Sacc.Secale cerealeSecale cereale x Triticum aestivum
Saccharum giganteumSchistocerca americanaSclerospora philippiniensisSecale cereale L.Secale cereale x Triticum durum
Saccharum giganteum (Walter) Pers.Schistocerca americana (Drury)Sclerospora phillipiniensisSecale cereale ssp. montanum (Guss.) A. & Gr.Secale cereale x Triticum turgidum subsp. durum
Saccharum officinarumSchizaphis graminumSclerospora phillipiniensis L.Secale cereale subsp. afghanicumSecale chaldicum An Fed.
Saccharum officinarum L.Schizaphis graminum (Rondani)Sclerotinia graminearum Elen.Secale cereale subsp. ancestraleSecale dalmaticum Vis.