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Results31 Records matching u* in Class Species

uncultured AcaulosporaUredo glumarum J. C. Schmidt (anamorph)Ustilago hordeiUstilago tritici (Pers.) Rostr. 
uncultured GlomusUrocystis agropyriUstilago hordei (Pers.) Lagerh.  
uncultured TriticeaeUrocystis agropyri (G. Preuss) J. Schrot.Ustilago kolleri  
uncultured Triticum sp.Urocystis agropyri (Preuss) Schroet.Ustilago kolleri Wille  
unidentifiedUrocystis occultaUstilago levis (Kellerm. & Swingle) Magnus  
Unkanodes albifasciaUrocystis occulta (Wallr.) Rabenh. ex FuckelUstilago nigra  
Unkanodes albifascia Mats.Ustilago avenaeUstilago nigra Tapke  
Unkanodes sapporonaUstilago avenae (Pers.) Rostr.Ustilago nuda (C. N. Jensen) Rostr., nom. nud.  
Unkanodes sapporona Mats.Ustilago avenae (Pers.) Rostr. var. levis Kellerm. & SwingleUstilago perennans Rostr.  
Unkanodes spp.Ustilago foetens Berk. & M. A. CurtisUstilago tritici