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Elymus multiflorusElymus repens (L.) GouldElymus strictusElymus woroschilowiiEndria inimica (Say)
Elymus multinodus GouldElymus ripariusElymus tangutorumElytrigia farcta (Viv.) HolubEnterobacter sp. SKU 7
Elymus mutabilisElymus sacandrosElymus tenuisElytrigia intermedia (Host) NevskiEnterobacter sp. SKU 8
Elymus nakaiiElymus scabrusElymus trachycaulusElytrigia juncea (L.) NevskiEpicauta fabricii
Elymus nevskiiElymus semicostatusElymus transhyrcanusElytrigia pontica (Podp.) HolubEpicauta fabricii (LeConte)
Elymus panormitanusElymus shandongensisElymus tschimganicusElytrigia prokudinii Druleva in DubovikEpicauta maculata
Elymus patagonicusElymus sibiricusElymus tsukushiensisElytrigia repens L. NevskiEpicauta maculata (Say)
Elymus pendulinusElymus solanderiElymus validusElytrigia ruthenica ProkudinEpicauta puncticallis
Elymus rectisetusElymus solandriElymus virginicusElytrigia trichophora (Link) NevskiEpicauta puncticallis L.
Elymus repensElymus sp. Kellogg s.n.Elymus wawawaiensisEndria inimicaEpichloe sp. TC1