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Phyllachora graminisPhytophthora macrospora (Sacc.) Ito & I TanakaPodosporiella verticillata O'GaraPratylenchus pinguicaudatusPsammotettix striatus
Phyllachora graminis (Pers.) Fckl.Phytophthora macrospora (Sacc.) Ito & I. TanakaPolymyxa graminisPratylenchus thorneiPsammotettix striatus L.
Phyllachora graminis (Pers.:Fr.) NitschkePlatyspora pentameraPolymyxa graminis f. sp. temperataPratylenchus thornei L.Psathyrostachys caduca
Phyllophaga lanceolataPlatyspora pentamera (Karst.) Wehm.Polymyxa graminis LedinghamPratylenchus thornei Sher & AllenPsathyrostachys fragilis
Phyllophaga lanceolata (Say)Pleospora culmorum (Cooke) Sacc.Pratylenchus crenatusProsopothrips cognatusPsathyrostachys fragilis subsp. fragilis
Phyllotetra vittulaPleospora speciesPratylenchus crenatus L.Prosopothrips cognatus (Hood)Psathyrostachys fragilis subsp. secaliformis
Phyllotetra vittula Redt.Pleospora tarda E. Simmons (teleomorph)Pratylenchus fallaxPs. junceaPsathyrostachys fragilis subsp. villosus
Phyllotreta vittulaPleospora teres Died., nom. nud.Pratylenchus fallax L.Psammopyrum athericumPsathyrostachys huashanica
Phytomonas atrofaciens (McCull.) Bergey et alPleospora trichostoma (Fr.) Ces. & De Not.Pratylenchus neglectusPsammotettix alienusPsathyrostachys juncea
Phytomonas tritici (Hutch.) Burk.Pleospora tritici-repentis Died.Pratylenchus neglectus (Rensch) Filip. & S. Stekho.Psammotettix alienus Dahlb.Psathyrostachys lanuginosa