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ABA response at germinationAveninBeta glucan (oat)Boron sensitivity (whole shoot)Cooked firmness
Above-ground biomassAwn colorbeta glucan (wort)BYDVCrossability with wheat
Acid detergent fiberAwn lengthbeta glucanase activityBYDV (oat)Crown fructan content
Aleurone colorAwnsbeta glucanase activity (green malt)C13 contentCulm diameter
alpha-Amylase activityBacterial leaf streakbeta glucanase activity (kilned malt)Callus growthCulm length
alpha-Esterase activityBasal Internode lengthbeta-Amylase activityCarbohydrate contentDays to flower
Amylose contentBeta glucanbeta-Esterase activityCarbon isotope discriminationDays to heading
Anthocyanin pigmentationbeta glucan (barley)Boron sensitivityChlorophyllDays to maturity
Aphid damage resistanceBeta glucan (FIA)Boron sensitivity (leaf)Cold toleranceDeoxynivalenol (DON) accumulation
Auriclesbeta glucan (malt)Boron sensitivity (root)Control of megasporogenesisDiaphorase activity