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Results37 Records matching g* in Class Trait

Germination ratioGluten strength (STS sedimentation volume)Grain yellow pigment contentGroat percentage (Codema) 
Germination speedGrainGrain yieldGroat percentage (Hand) 
Gibberellic acid responseGrain colorGrain yield per plantGroat percentage (Ottawa) 
GlabrousnessGrain filling periodGrain yield per spikeGroat protein 
GlumeGrain hardnessGrain zinc contentGroat yield 
Glume colorGrain iron contentGrass-clump dwarfness/grass dwarfnessGross morphology 
Glume toughnessGrain nitrogenGrey lemmaGrowth habit 
GlumesGrain protein contentGroat oil  
Gluten indexGrain qualityGroat percentage  
Gluten strength (SDS sedimentation volume)Grain yellow indexGroat percentage (Barr)