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Results46 Records matching s* in Class Trait

Salt sensitivity at germinationSemolina colorSpike dry weightSpikes per areaStem surface waxiness
Salt sensitivity in seedlingsShoot differentationSpike fertilitySpikes per plantStem-solidness/stem sawfly resistance
SDS micro-sedimentationShoot dry weightSpike grain weightStarch contentStraw diameter
SDS sedimentationShoot lengthSpike harvest indexStarch digestibilityStraw length
SDS sedimentation indexShoot regenerationSpike lengthStarch granule diameterStraw yield
SDSI sedimentation indexShoot zinc contentSpike weightStarch granule proportionStress tolerance
Seed proteinsShort rachis internodeSpike widthStarch granule shape 
Seed widthSoluble/Total proteinSpikelet fertilityStarch granule volume 
Segregation distortionSpike compactnessSpikelet numberStem breaking 
Semolina ash contentSpike densitySpikelets per spikeStem length