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Reaction to stripe rustResistance to chlorosis inductionSalt sensitivity at germinationSemolina colorSpike dry weight
Reaction to Tapesia yallundaeResponse to Tissue CultureSalt sensitivity in seedlingsShoot differentationSpike fertility
Reaction to Tilletia indica MitraRibosomal RNASDS micro-sedimentationShoot dry weightSpike grain weight
Reaction to Ustilago triticiRoot crossing numberSDS sedimentationShoot lengthSpike harvest index
Reaction to Wheat Spindle Streak MosaicRoot dry weightSDS sedimentation indexShoot regenerationSpike length
Reaction to Xanthomonas campestrisRoot forksSDSI sedimentation indexShoot zinc contentSpike weight
Red glumesRoot growth angleSeed proteinsShort rachis internodeSpike width
Red seedlingRoot lengthSeed widthSoluble/Total proteinSpikelet fertility
Relative water contentRoot penetration abilitySegregation distortionSpike compactnessSpikelet number
Reproductive growth timeRoot surface areaSemolina ash contentSpike densitySpikelets per spike