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Spikes per areaStem surface waxinessThreshabilityTotal root numberWheat days to heading
Spikes per plantStem-solidness/stem sawfly resistanceTiller developmentTotal root surfaceWheat days to maturity
Starch contentStraw diameterTiller numberTotal root volumeWheat head shattering
Starch digestibilityStraw lengthTiller number/plantVegetative growth timeWheat height
Starch granule diameterStraw yieldTillering rateViability of gametesWheat kernel weight
Starch granule proportionStress toleranceTillers per plotVisual scoreWheat lodging
Starch granule shapeTest weightTolerance to boronVitreous kernel countWheat reaction to head scab
Starch granule volumeTexture of grainTop internode lengthWater absorptionWheat reaction to karnal bunt
Stem breakingThin kernelsTotal root diameterWater sensitivityWheat reaction to leaf rust
Stem lengthThousand-kernel weightTotal root lengthWet gluten contentWheat reaction to powdery mildew