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Culm diameterDiastatic PowerEndosperm proteinsFlour colorGlabrousness
Culm lengthDormancyEndosperm storage proteinsFlour protein concentrationGlume
Days from booting to anthesisDough extensibilityEnzymeFlowering habitGlume color
Days from sowing to bootingDough strengthExtract viscosityFlowering timeGlume toughness
Days to flag leaf emergenceDough tenacityFat contentFree-threshing habitGlumes
Days to flowerDough tenacity/extensibilityFat content (NIR)Freezing survivalGluten index
Days to headingDry matter digestibilityFermentabilityFrost resistanceGluten strength (SDS sedimentation volume)
Days to maturityEar emergenceFertilityGermination ratioGluten strength (STS sedimentation volume)
Deoxynivalenol (DON) accumulationEar lengthFine coarse differenceGermination speedGrain
Diaphorase activityEarly growth vigorFine grind malt extractGibberellic acid responseGrain color