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Results25 Records matching f* in Class Trait Study

Fat content (NIR), 1997 QUONFHB severity, Okayama06FHB, Type II, Tdicoccoides, Otto02  
Fat content, 1998 QUONFHB, Field resistance, FxS, Muehlbauer03Flour color, ICARDA.93  
Fat content, 1999 QUONFHB, Field resistance, FxS/M81, Muehlbauer03Flour protein, Nelson06  
Fat content, 2000 QUONFHB, Field Resistance, Somers03Flour yield, Nelson06  
Fat content, 2001 QUONFHB, Greenhouse evaluation, FxS, Muehlbauer03Fusarium QTL, Saragolla x 02-5B-318, Giancaspro2016  
Fat content, 2002 QUONFHB, Single Floret Injection, Somers03   
Fat content, 2003 QUONFHB, Single Spikelet Inoculation, NxB, Anderson03   
Fat content, 2004 QUONFHB, Single Spikelet Inoculation, NxC, Bai03   
Fat content, 2005 QUONFHB, Single Spikelet Inoculation, SxS, Anderson03   
FHB severity, Dahleen03FHB, Single Spikelet Inoculation, Waldron99