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Results43 Records matching h* in Class Trait Study

Harvest index, Narasimhamoorthy06Height, 1997 UEOPNHeight, 2000 UMOPNHeight, 2004 QUONHeight, Pillen03
Harvest index, Pillen03Height, 1997 UMOPNHeight, 2001 QUONHeight, 2004 UEOPNHeight, Souza88
Head scab, ISWYN24Height, 1998 QUONHeight, 2001 UEOPNHeight, 2004 UMOPNHessian fly, WGRC
Head shatter, ISWYN24Height, 1998 UEOPNHeight, 2001 UMOPNHeight, 2005 QUON 
Heading date, Dahleen03Height, 1998 UMOPNHeight, 2002 QUONHeight, 2005 UEOPN 
Heading date, elite durum cultivars, Maccaferri2014Height, 1999 QUONHeight, 2002 UEOPNHeight, 2005 UMOPN 
Heading date, Narasimhamoorthy06Height, 1999 UEOPNHeight, 2002 UMOPNHeight, 2006 UEOPN 
Height, 1996 UEOPNHeight, 1999 UMOPNHeight, 2003 QUONHeight, 2006 UMOPN 
Height, 1996 UMOPNHeight, 2000 QUONHeight, 2003 UEOPNHeight, 2007 UEOPN 
Height, 1997 QUONHeight, 2000 UEOPNHeight, 2003 UMOPNHeight, 2007 UMOPN