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Results39 Records matching s* in Class Trait Study

SDS sedimentation, Nelson06Smut resistance, Blackbird x Strongfield, Kumar2018Spot blotch, ISWYN24Straw Yield, Siripoonwiwat 96 
SDS, ICARDA.93Softness equivalent, Nelson06Spot form of net blotch, adult, Williams03Stripe rust on leaves, ISWYN24 
SDSI, ICARDA.93Soluble/Total protein, 2 row, Marquez-Cedillo00Spot form of net blotch, seedling, Williams03Stripe rust resistance, elite durum collection, Liu2017b 
Seedling growth habit, Li02Soluble/Total protein, 6 row, Marquez-Cedillo00Sprouting, Anderson93Stripe rust resistance, emmer wheat, Liu2017c 
Semolina Yellow Traits, AABB Collection, Colasuonno2017Soluble/Total protein, Marquez-Cedillo00Stagonospora nodorum blotch, Langdon 5B disomics, Gonzalez-Hernandez2009Stripe rust resistance, Ethiopian durums, Liu2017d 
Semolina yellow traits, Latino x Primadur, Blanco2011Spike compactness, Langdon x LDNIsA-2A, Faris2014cStarch content, Abdel-Haleem05Stripe rust seedling resistance, Zentos x Syn86L, Naz2012 
Septoria glume blotch, ISWYN24Spike length, Li02Starch digestibility, Abdel-Haleem05Stripe Rust Worldwide Spring Wheat 2011-2013 
Septoria glumeblotch, ISWYN24Spike traits, SynDH1, Zhang2012Stem rust, ISWYN24Stripe Rust, NSGC Spring Wheat 2012-2014 
Septoria leaf blotch, ISWYN24Spikelet number, Li02Stem rust, Nelson95Stripe rust, Singh99 
Septoria leaf blotch, WGRCSpikes per area, Shah99Stem rust, NSGC 2012-2014