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Beta glucan, 2004 UEOPNBiomass, Narasimhamoorthy06BYDV (oat), 2000 UMOPNBYDV, UEOPN 2004BYDV, UMOPN 2007
Beta glucan, 2004 UMOPNBYDV (oat), 1996 UEOPNBYDV Resistance, Siripoonwiwat 96BYDV, UEOPN 2005Cadmium content, durum breeding lines, Salsman2016
Beta glucan, 2005 QUONBYDV (oat), 1996 UMOPNBYDV, 2000 QUONBYDV, UEOPN 2006Cadmium uptake, Divide x D041735, Oladzad-Abbasabadi2018
Beta glucan, 2005 UEOPNBYDV (oat), 1997 UEOPNBYDV, 2001 QUONBYDV, UEOPN 2007Carbon isotope discrimination, irrigated, Diab04
Beta glucan, 2005 UMOPNBYDV (oat), 1997 UMOPNBYDV, 2002 QUONBYDV, UMOPN 2001Carbon isotope discrimination, rainfed, Diab04
Beta glucan, 2006 UEOPNBYDV (oat), 1998 UEOPNBYDV, 2003 QUONBYDV, UMOPN 2002CORE BYDV Evaluation, 2010-2011
Beta glucan, 2006 UMOPNBYDV (oat), 1998 UMOPNBYDV, 2004 QUONBYDV, UMOPN 2003CORE CrownRust Evaluation, 2010-2011
Beta glucan, 2007 UEOPNBYDV (oat), 1999 UEOPNBYDV, UEOPN 2001BYDV, UMOPN 2004Culm diameter, Souza88
Beta glucan, 2007 UMOPNBYDV (oat), 1999 UMOPNBYDV, UEOPN 2002BYDV, UMOPN 2005Days to heading, 1996 UEOPN
beta-Esterase activity, Souza88BYDV (oat), 2000 UEOPNBYDV, UEOPN 2003BYDV, UMOPN 2006Days to heading, 1996 UMOPN