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Results5636 Records in Class Trait Study

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Test weight, 2001 UMOPNTest Weight, 2005 QUONTest weight, Marquez-Cedillo00Vitreous kernel count, ICARDA.93Wheat spindle streak virus resistance, Khan00
Test Weight, 2002 QUONTest weight, 2005 UEOPNTest weight, Narasimhamoorthy06Vitreous kernels, Nelson95Winter Wheat Grain Color Evaluation, 2009-2011
Test weight, 2002 UEOPNTest weight, 2005 UMOPNTest Weight, Siripoonwiwat 96Water absorption, Pillen03Winter Wheat PHS Evaluation, 2011-2014
Test weight, 2002 UMOPNTest weight, 2006 UEOPNTest weight, Souza88Water-soluble carbohydrate accum., 100% RWC, Diab04Yield (NNA), 1999 QUON
Test Weight, 2003 QUONTest weight, 2006 UMOPNThousand-grain weight, Elouafi04Water-soluble carbohydrate conc., drought stressed, Diab04Yield and Morpho-physiological traits, Kofa x Svevo, Graziani2014
Test weight, 2003 UEOPNTest weight, 2007 UEOPNThousand-grain weight, Pillen03Water-soluble carbohydrate conc., full turgor, drought stressed, Diab04Yield under drought, Oste-Gata x Massara-1, Golabadi2011
Test weight, 2003 UMOPNTest weight, 2007 UMOPNThreshability, Langdon x LDN521, Faris2014bWater-soluble carbohydrate conc., full turgor, irrigated, Diab04Yield, 1996 UEOPN
Test Weight, 2004 QUONTest weight, 6-row, Marquez-Cedillo00Tiller number, Li02Water-soluble carbohydrate conc., irrigated, Diab04Yield, 1996 UMOPN
Test weight, 2004 UEOPNTest weight, Elouafi04Tiller number, Narasimhamoorthy06Wheat curl mite, WGRCYield, 1997 QUON
Test weight, 2004 UMOPNTest weight, ISWYN24Tillers per plot, Souza88Wheat soilborne mosaic virus, Narasimhamoorthy06Yield, 1997 UEOPN