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ColleagueEmail_AddressPosition and interests
AbuHammad, Wesamwabuhammad@azplantbreeders.comDurum Wheat Breeder. Plant breeding and genetics
Aghnoum, Rezareza.aghnoum@gmail.comCereal Pathologist-Breeder
Ali, A. Jauharjauharali@rrii.irHybrid and molecular rice breeding. National Coordinator, Hybrid & Molecular Rice Breeding Program of Iran
Alvarez, Juan B.jb.alvarez@uco.esPlant breeding, wheat-barley hybridation, wheat storage proteins, barley storage proteins, genetic resources
Anderson, James A.ander319@tc.umn.eduSpring wheat breeding and genetics with emphasis on Fusarium head blight resistance.. Wheat breeding and genetics
Ansari, Omidansari.omid@gmail.comProject Manager, Pre-Breeding
Appels, structure and function of regions of the genome that carry genes of agronomic importance with a special emphasis on the environments of genes and how repetitive sequence families modulate gene expression. The application of molecular biology to providing new germplasm and DNA probes for plant breeding is the basis for my interaction with Industry partners.
Armstrong, Keitharmstrongk@crop.cri.nzOat breeder
Arpaia, Mary Lumary.arpaia@ucr.eduAvocado breeding
Asif, Mohammadasifrana@gmail.comWheat Breeding and Molecular Genetics; Doubled haploidy; QTL Mapping
Asoro, Franco G.fgasoro@iastate.eduoat breeding
Bacon, Robert K.rbacon@uark.eduPlant breeding. Soft red winter wheat and spring oat breeding
Baenziger, P. Stephenagro104@unlnotes.unl.eduWheat, barley and triticale breeding and genetics
Baghery, Ahadahad_baghery@umanitoba.caCanola breeding
Bai, Guihuaguihua.bai@gmprc.ksu.eduWheat QTL mapping, marker-assisted breeding
Barclay, Plant Breeder
Bariana, Harbans for rust resistance
Barnett, Ronald D.rdbarnett@ifas.ufl.eduPlant Breeding
Barr, Andrew breeding and genetics.. Statistics for plant breeding and genotype * environment interaction.
Bassi, FilippoF.Bassi@cgiar.orgAssociate Durum Breeder. Breeding, wheat, functional genomics, synteny, hybrids
Beazer, CurtisunknownWheat breeding
Bedo, Zoltanbedoz@mail.mgki.huWheat breeding
Bentley, Alison pre-breeding
Bergman, Jerryjbergman@sidney.ars.usda.govSafflower breeding
Berzonsky, William A.bill.berzonsky@ndsu.nodak.eduSpring wheat breeding

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