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This page allows you to perform raw SQL queries directly. This is the ultimate power query. We don't know of any other Web-accessible databases that open this privilege to their users. It entails some risk but we're confident that it's minimal because we know our users are responsible. But, we hope, not timid. We want this interface to be used. Please click here for full information on how to use it.

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1181(Ari76-30) IC20 
1293(Ari76-142) IC21 
Ain Arous1 IC64Fg/Magh
Akbash IC5 
Aric31708.70./3/Bo/2/ Chile/Br/4/Cit/Gta IC78 
Atsiki3 IC13 
Awali1 IC74Cit/2/D.Dwarf S15/Cr
Baladia Hamra IC7 
Belikh2 IC70Cr/Stk
Bicre IC49Bit/Creso
Brachoua IC40Fg/3/Gs/Tc60/2/Stk
Cannizzara IC18 
Chahba88 IC46Shwa/2/21563/AA/Bit
Cham1 IC71Plc/Ruff/2/Gta/Rtte
Daki IC60Dack/Gediz/2/USDA575
Deraa IC56Can 2101/Magh/2/Stk/3/Wlls/65150
DT369 IC81 
Ethiopia IC8373 IC39 
Furat1 IC50Snipe/3/Jo/Cr/2/Gs/AA
Gedifla IC45Gd/Fg
Gezira17 IC76 
Gr/Boy IC62 
Guerou1 IC44Ato/2/Ibis/Fg
H.O-FAO25918 IC77 
Hamari Ahmar IC4 

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