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This page allows you to perform raw SQL queries directly. This is the ultimate power query. We don't know of any other Web-accessible databases that open this privilege to their users. It entails some risk but we're confident that it's minimal because we know our users are responsible. But, we hope, not timid. We want this interface to be used. Please click here for full information on how to use it.

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QTLTraitMap DataChromosome armSignificant marker
QABA.CSxSQ1-5AABA accumulation 5ALXpsr575-5A,Xpsr426-5A
QABA.HaTR-2HABA response at germinationBarley, Abiotic QTL Consensus2HABG058,WG516
QABA.HaTR-5HABA response at germinationBarley, Abiotic QTL Consensus5HABC309,MWG632
QABA.StMo-1HABA response at germinationBarley, Abiotic QTL Consensus1HABG702,ABC322B
QABA.StMo-2HABA response at germinationBarley, Abiotic QTL Consensus2HAdh8,MWG557
QABA.StMo-3HABA response at germinationBarley, Abiotic QTL Consensus3HWG110,mPub
QABA.StMo-5HABA response at germinationBarley, Abiotic QTL Consensus5HABC324,ABC302
QMas.MedDurum-1AAbove-ground biomass 1AIWB68308,IWA6217-1A,wPt-6882
QMas.MedDurum-2AAbove-ground biomass 2AIWB41520-2A,wPt-0623,IWA1088-2A,wPt-7649
QMas.MedDurum-2BAbove-ground biomass 2BIWB58123,IWB60727,IWB6606-2B,wPt-1601
QMas.MedDurum-3AAbove-ground biomass 3AwPt-0546,IWA5969,wPt-2938,wPt-6854
QMas.MedDurum-4AAbove-ground biomass 4AIWA2123,IWB59099,wPt-2151
QMas.MedDurum-4B.1Above-ground biomass 4BIWB11928,IWB11898,wPt-5497
QMas.MedDurum-4B.2Above-ground biomass 4BwPt-7412,tPt-9048,IWA8591,IWB45457
QMas.MedDurum-5BAbove-ground biomass 5BIWB53000,IWA3211-5B,IWB488656,wPt-9666
QMas.MedDurum-6B.1Above-ground biomass 6BwPt-4900,wPt-1725,IWB25035,IWB9966
QMas.MedDurum-6B.2Above-ground biomass 6BIWB42506-6B,IWB49249,wPt-0554
QMas.MedDurum-6B.3Above-ground biomass 6BtPt-9048,IWB27763,IWB52926,tPt-0554
QMas.MedDurum-7A.1Above-ground biomass 7AIWB863,IWB66726,IWB59033,wPt-1163
QMas.MedDurum-7A.2Above-ground biomass 7AwPt-1163,IWB863,IWB27639,IWB59033
QMas.MedDurum-7B.1Above-ground biomass 7BIWB2568,IWB27833,IWB48253,wPt-3730
QMas.MedDurum-7B.2Above-ground biomass 7BwPt-8615,IWB72941,IWA2368,IWA4306
QMas.MedDurum-7B.3Above-ground biomass 7BIWB65088,IWA2368,IWB7845,wPt-5343
QMas.pil-7HAbove-ground biomassBarley, AxHs/QTL7HLHvA22S
QMas.SpanishDurum-3AAbove-ground biomass 3AIWB69423,IWB35086,wPt-6509

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