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GrainGenes Allele Report: Glu-B3i (Triticum)

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Glu-B3i (Triticum)
ReferenceGupta R and Shepherd KW (1990) Two-step one-dimensional SDS-PAGE analysis of LMW subunits of glutelin. 1. Variation and genetic control of the subunits in hexaploid wheats. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 80:65-74.
ReferencePfluger L MAS Wheat. Bringing Genomics to the Wheat Fields. Quality traits. Gluten Strength. MAS Wheat. Marker Assisted Selection in Wheat.
ReferenceMAS Wheat. Functional Markers for processing quality genes in wheat MAS Wheat. Marker Assisted Selection in Wheat.
Glu-B3 (Triticum)
Hexaploid stockNorin-61
Info Source
ReferenceMcIntosh RA et al. (1995) Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat. Proceedings of the 8th International Wheat Genetics Symposium 1333-1500.
Data Curator
Hart, Gary E.95.08.24