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GrainGenes Allele Report: Wx-B1 (Triticum)

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Wx-B1 (Triticum)
ReferenceSaito M et al. (2009) A novel codominant marker for selection of the null Wx-B1 allele in wheat breeding programs. Molecular Breeding 23:209-217.
ReferenceMAS Wheat. Functional Markers for processing quality genes in wheat MAS Wheat. Marker Assisted Selection in Wheat.
ReferenceMAS Wheat. Bringing Genomics to the Wheat Fields. Quality Traits. Waxy mutants MAS Wheat. Marker Assisted Selection in Wheat.
Gene Class
Starch synthase
Waxy proteins
Wx-B1 (Triticum)
Wild type allele for waxy protein gene Wx-B1

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