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GrainGenes Allele Report: w3 (Triticum)

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w3 (Triticum)
Gene Class
W3 (Triticum)
Hexaploid stockBobwhite mutant 056
ReferenceZhang Z et al. (2015) W3 Is a New Wax Locus That Is Essential for Biosynthesis of B-Diketone, Development of Glaucousness, and Reduction of Cuticle Permeability in Common Wheat. PLoS ONE 10:e0140524.
Mapping information: Xwmc764-2B - 0.6 cM - Xwmc770/Xgwm148-2B - 5.5 cM - W3 (Zhang et al., 2015).
Info Source
ReferenceMcIntosh RA et al. (2020) Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat- 2020 Supplement Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat.
Data Curator
Cooper, LaurelJune-2021

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