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GrainGenes Author Report: Blake VC

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Blake VC
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Carollo V
Carollo VL
Full Name
Blake, Victoria Carollo
ReferenceBlake VC et al. (2019) GrainGenes: centralized small grain resources and digital platform for geneticists and breeders Database 18.
ReferenceBlake VC et al. (2016) The Triticeae Toolbox: Combining Phenotype and Genotype Data to Advance Small-Grains Breeding The Plant Genome 9:2.
ReferenceBlake VC et al. (2012) The Hordeum Toolbox: The Barley Coordinated Agricultural Project Genotype and Phenotype Resource The Plant Genome 5:81-91.
ReferenceSzucs P et al. (2009) An Integrated Resource for Barley Linkage Map and Malting Quality QTL Alignment The Plant Genome 2:134-140.

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