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GrainGenes Author Report: Bush AL

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Bush AL
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Bush A
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Bush, Arla L.
ReferenceCregan PB et al. (1999) An integrated genetic linkage map of the soybean genome. Crop Science 39:1464-1490.
ReferenceBush AL and Wise RP (1998) High resolution mapping adjacent to the Pc71 crown-rust resistance locus in hexaploid oat. Molecular Breeding 4:13-21.
ReferenceBush AL and Wise RP (1996) Crown rust resistance loci on linkage groups 4 and 13 in cultivated oat. Journal of Heredity 87:427-432.
ReferenceBush AL et al. (1994) Restriction fragment length polymorphisms linked to genes for resistance to crown rust (Puccinia coronata) in near-isogenic lines of hexaploid oat (Avena sativa) Genome 37:823-831.
Crown rust genes, diploid vs. hexaploid oat
Crown rust resistance markers
Pc71 region of oat

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