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GrainGenes Author Report: Comadran J

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Comadran J
ReferenceMunoz-Amatriain M et al. (2014) The USDA barley core collection: genetic diversity, population structure, and potential for genome-wide association studies PLoS ONE 9:e94688.
ReferenceTondelli A et al. (2014) QTLs for barley yield adaptation to Mediterranean environments in the 'Nure' x 'Tremois' biparental population. Euphytica 197:73-86.
ReferenceComadran J et al. (2012) Natural variation in a homolog of Antirrhinum CENTRORADIALIS contributed to spring growth habit and environmental adaptation in cultivated barley Nature Genetics 44:1388-1392.
ReferenceComadran J et al. (2009) Patterns of genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium in a highly structured Hordeum vulgare association-mapping population for the Mediterranean basin. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 119:175-187.

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