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GrainGenes Author Report: Domier LL

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Domier LL
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Domier, Leslie L.
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ReferenceKolb F et al. (2006) Registration of six sets of near-isogenic spring oat germplasm lines differing in tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Crop Science 46:1831-1832.
ReferenceZhou W et al. (2005) SSR markers associated with fertility restoration genes against Triticum timopheevii cytoplasm in Triticum aestivum. Euphytica 141:33-40.
ReferenceZhou W et al. (2004) Molecular characterization of Fusarium head blight resistance in Wangshuibai with simple sequence repeat and amplified fragment length polymorphism markers Genome 47:1137-1143.
ReferenceZhou WC et al. (2003) Validation of a major QTL for scab resistance with SSR markers and use of marker-assisted selection in wheat Plant Breeding 122:40-46.
ReferenceZhou WC et al. (2002) Effect of individual Sumai 3 chromosomes on resistance to scab spread within spikes and deoxynivalenol accumulation within kernels in wheat Hereditas 137:81-89.
ReferencePal N et al. (2002) Development and characterization of microsatellite and RFLP-derived PCR markers in oat Crop Science 42:912-918.
ReferenceZhou WC et al. (2002) Genetic analysis of scab resistance QTL in wheat with microsatellite and AFLP markers Genome 45:719-727.
ReferenceMoon JS et al. (2001) Effect of mutations in Barley yellow dwarf virus genomic RNA on the 5 ' termini of subgenomic RNAs - Brief report Archives of Virology 146:1399-1406.
ReferencePal N et al. (2000) Production of Barley yellow dwarf virus antisera by DNA immunization Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 22:410-415.
ReferenceJin H et al. (2000) Combined AFLP and RFLP mapping in two hexaploid oat recombinant inbred populations Genome 94-101.
ReferenceMoon JS et al. (2000) Molecular and biological characterization of a trackable Illinois isolate of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV Plant Disease 84:483-486.
ReferenceKolb FL et al. (1999) Registration of 'Chaps' Oat Crop Science 39:286.
ReferenceBai GH et al. (1999) Amplified fragment length polymorphism markers linked to a major quantitative trait locus controlling scab resistance in wheat Phytopathology 89:343-348.
ReferenceJin H et al. (1998) Identification of quantitative loci for tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus in oat. Phytopathology 88:410-415.

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