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GrainGenes Author Report: Guyomarc'h H

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Guyomarc'h H
ReferenceSourdille P et al. (2003) An update of the Courtot x Chinese Spring intervarietal molecular marker linkage map for the QTL detection of agronomic traits in wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106:530-538.
ReferenceGuyomarc'h H et al. (2002) Characterisation of polymorphic microsatellite markers from Aegilops tauschii and transferability to the D-genome of bread wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics 104:1164-1172.
ReferenceGuyomarc'h H et al. (2002) Studies of the transferability of microsatellites derived from Triticum tauschii to hexaploid wheat and to diploid related species using amplification, hybridization and sequence comparisons Theoretical and Applied Genetics 105:736-744.
ReferenceSourdille P et al. (2001) Improvement of the genetic maps of wheat using new microsatellite markers Plant & Animal Genome IX Abstracts 167.

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