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GrainGenes Author Report: Hao C

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Hao C
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Hao CY
Full Name
Hao, Chenyang
ReferenceHao CY et al. (2017) The iSelect 9K SNP analysis revealed polyploidization induced revolutionary changes and intense human selection causing strong haplotype blocks in wheat. Scientific Reports 7:41247.
ReferenceQin L et al. (2017) TaGW2, a Good Reflection of Wheat Polyploidization and Evolution. frontiers in Plant Science 8:318.
ReferenceMa L et al. (2016) TaGS5-3A, a grain size gene selected during wheat improvement for larger kernel and yield. Plant Biotechnology Journal 14:1269-80.
ReferenceQin L et al. (2014) Homologous haplotypes, expression, genetic effects and geographic distribution of the wheat yield gene TaGW2. BMC Plant Biology 14:107.
ReferenceSu Z et al. (2011) Identification and development of a functional marker of TaGW2 associated with grain weight in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122:211-223.