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GrainGenes Author Report: Harcourt RL

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Harcourt RL
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Harcourt, R.L.
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ReferenceGale MD et al. (1995) Genetic Maps of Hexaploid Wheat Proceedings of the 8th International Wheat Genetics Symposium 1:29-40.
ReferenceDevos KM et al. (1993) Chromosome rearrangements in the rye genome relative to that of wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 85:673-680.
ReferenceHarcourt RL (1992) DUC-92-RLH.
ReferenceRognil OA et al. (1992) RFLP mapping of rye chromosome 7R reveals a highly translocated chromosome relative to wheat. Genome 55:1026-1031.
ReferenceHarcourt RL and Gale MD (1991) A chromosome-specific DNA sequence which reveals a high level of RFLP in wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 81:397-400.
ReferenceWang ML et al. (1991) RFLP-based genetic map of rye (Secale cereale L.) chromosome 1R. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 82:174-178.

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