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GrainGenes Author Report: Horsley R

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Horsley R
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Horsley RD
Full Name
Horsley, Richard D.
ReferenceBoyd C et al. (2008) Avrs1mutant in CIho 4196 to facilitate breeding of 6-rowed cultivars with Fusarium Head Blight resistance Barley Genetics Newsletter 38:7-9.
ReferenceGoblirsch C et al. (1996) A strategy to breed low-protein barley with acceptable kernel color and diastatic power Crop Science 36:41-44.
ReferenceHorsley R et al. (1995) Genetic diversity in malt quality of North American six-rowed spring barley Crop Science 35:113-118.
ReferenceSchwarz P and Horsley R (1995) Malt quality improvement in North American six-rowed barley cultivars since 1910 Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists 53:14-18.