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GrainGenes Author Report: Jafary H

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Jafary H
ReferenceJafary H et al. (2008) High diversity of genes for nonhost resistance of barley to heterologous rust fungi. Genetics 178:2327-2339.
ReferenceMarcel TC et al. (2007) A high-density consensus map of barley to compare the distribution of QTLs for partial resistance to Puccinia hordei and of defence gene homologues. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114:487-500.
ReferenceJafary H et al. (2006) Innate nonhost immunity in barley to different heterologous rust fungi is controlled by sets of resistance genes with different and overlapping specificities. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 19:1270-1279.
ReferenceAtienza SG et al. Accumulation of genes for susceptibility to rust fungi for which barley is nearly a nonhost results in two barley lines with extreme multiple susceptibility Planta 220:71-79.