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GrainGenes Author Report: Jensen NF

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Jensen NF
Full Name
Jensen, Neal F.
ReferenceSorrells ME and Jensen NF (1987) Registration of 'Geneva' winter wheat. Crop Science 27:1314-1315.
ReferenceSimons MD et al. (1966) A standardized system of nomenclature for genes governing characters in oats. 85:1-22.
ReferenceDriscoll CJ and Jensen NF (1965) Release of a wheat-rye translocation stock involving leaf rust and powdery mildew resistances. Crop Science 5:279-280.
ReferenceDriscoll CJ and Jensen NF (1964) Chromosomes associated with waxlessness, awnedness and time of maturity of common wheat. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 6:324-333.
ReferenceJensen NF and Driscoll CJ (1962) Inheritance of the waxless character in wheat. Crop Science 2:504-505.