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GrainGenes Author Report: Korzun VN

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Korzun VN
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Korzun V
Full Name
Korzun, Victor N.
ReferenceChebotar SV et al. (2001) Allele distribution at locus WMS261 marking the dwarfing gene Rht8 in common wheat cultivars of southern Ukraine Russian Journal of Genetics 37:894-898.
ReferenceMalyshev SV et al. (1998) RFLP-based mapping of the Sec-2 and Sec-5 loci encoding 75K gamma-secalins of rye. Plant Breeding 117:329-333.
ReferenceBougri OV et al. (1996) Chromosomal assignment of the genes encoding glutamyl-tRNA reductase in barley, wheat, and rye and their organization in the barley genome Hereditas 124:1-6.

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