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GrainGenes Author Report: Lapitan N

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Lapitan N
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Lapitan NLV
Full Name
Lapitan, Nora
ReferenceMunkvold JD et al. (2004) Group 3 Chromosome Bin Maps of Wheat and Their Relationship to Rice Chromosome 1 Genetics 168:639-650.
ReferenceSherman J et al. (1995) A barley RFLP map: alignment of three barley maps and comparisons to Gramineae species Theoretical and Applied Genetics 91:681-690.
ReferenceKleinhofs A et al. (1993) A molecular, isozyme and morphological map of the barley (Hordeum vulgare) genome Theoretical and Applied Genetics 86:705-712.
ReferenceNkongolo K et al. (1993) An optimized fluorescence in situ hybridization procedure for detecting rye chromosomes in wheat Genome 36:701-705.
ReferencePeng J et al. MAS Wheat. Bringing Genomics to the Wheat Fields. Insect resistance. Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) Resistance, Dn2, Dn4 MAS Wheat. Marker Assisted Selection in Wheat.