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GrainGenes Author Report: Li ZS

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Li Z
Full Name
Li, Zhensheng
ReferenceLi XP et al. (2011) Haplotype analysis of the genes encoding glutamine synthetase plastic isoforms and their association with nitrogen-use- and yield-related traits in bread wheat. New Phytologist 189:449-458.
ReferenceDavies TGE et al. (2002) Expression analysis of putative high-affinity phosphate transporters in Chinese winter wheats Plant Cell and Environment 25:1325-1339.
ReferenceLiu JZ et al. (2001) Chromosomal location of genes conferring the tolerance to Pi starvation stress and acid phosphatase (APase) secretion in the genome of rye (Secale L.) Plant and Soil 237:267-274.

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