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GrainGenes Author Report: Shariflou MR

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Shariflou MR
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ReferenceHassani ME et al. (2005) Molecular structure of a novel y-type HMW glutenin subunit gene present in Triticum tauschii. Euphytica 141:191-198.
ReferenceChalmers KJ et al. (2001) Construction of three linkage maps in bread wheat, Triticum aestivum Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 52:1089-1119.
ReferenceShariflou MR et al. (2001) A PCR-based DNA marker for detection of mutant and normal alleles of the Wx-D1 gene of wheat Plant Breeding 120:121-124.
ReferenceHarker N et al. (2001) Microsatellites as markers for Australian wheat improvement Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 52:1121-1130.
ReferenceRampling LR et al. (2001) Detection and analysis systems for microsatellite markers in wheat Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 52:1131-1141.
ReferenceMcLauchlan A et al. (2001) Development of robust PCR-based DNA markers for each homoeo-allele of granule-bound starch synthase and their application in wheat breeding programs Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 52:1409-1416.
ReferenceShariflou MR and Sharp PJ (1999) A polymorphic microsatellite in the 3 ' end of 'waxy' genes of wheat, Triticum aestivum. Plant Breeding 118:275-277.

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