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GrainGenes Author Report: Shen X

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Shen X
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ReferenceZhang X et al. (2011) A genetic map of Lophopyrum ponticum chromosome 7E, harboring resistance genes to Fusarium head blight and leaf rust Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122:263-270.
ReferenceLiang D et al. (2010) Characterization of CIMMYT bread wheats for high- and low-molecular weight glutenin subunits and other quality-related genes with SDS-PAGE, RP-HPLC and molecular markers. Euphytica 172:235-250.
ReferenceShen X et al. (2006) A resistance-like gene identified by EST mapping and its association with a QTL controlling Fusarium head blight infection on wheat chromosome 3BS. Genome 49:631.
ReferenceXu H et al. (2006) Functional properties of a new low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit gene from a bread wheat cultivar. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 113:1295.
ReferenceGilsinger J et al. (2005) DNA markers associated with low Fusarium head blight incidence and narrow flower opening in wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics 110:1218-1225.
ReferenceShen X et al. (2003) Detection of Fusarium head blight resistance QTL in a wheat population using bulked segregant analysis Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106:1041-1047.
ReferenceJin H et al. (2000) Combined AFLP and RFLP mapping in two hexaploid oat recombinant inbred populations Genome 94-101.

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